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Cryptocurrency Exchange by one click

SWFT Platform Introduction

Developed and operated by the Silicon Valley team, SWFT is cross blockchain, through the APP / website / API, and a one-button operation cryptocurrency transfer platform. Built by the leading minds in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Blockchain, SWFT integrates the world’s major exchanges to effectively achieve hedge risking, provide customer with an easy and efficient platform for cryptocurrency transfer. SwftCoin will be the only accepted payment method for transaction fee on SWFT platform.

Advantages of SWFT Systems

  • Quick and Easy Process

    We provide a machine learning and big data mining technology based transaction pairing algorithm engine, and it supports all the mainstream domestic and international trading methods, which greatly increases the diversity of currency and the amount of circulation between currencies. SWFT will also achieve a rapid currency exchange.
  • Affordability

    The traditional cross-border payment model has higher remittance fee due to associated high costs. They are payment processing costs, receiving costs, financial operating costs and reconciliation costs, total of which about 75% belongs to the transit bank payment network maintenance costs, 25% for compliance, error investigation, and foreign exchange costs. By integrating Artificial intelligent deep learning, big data and block chain technology, SWFT platform could make each conversion costs significantly lower.
  • High Quality Asset Allocation

    Through AI algorithms, SWFT application platform can achieve optimal digital asset allocation, as well as digital monetary preservation and appreciation.
  • Strong Global Partnerships

    SWFT will gather worldwide major exchanges and OTC markets to provide users with the latest and the most comprehensive information of digital monetary assets.

    Business objectives

  • SWFT is a safe and robust cryptocurrency exchange platform with low exchange fee. It can be accessed through web site or web application. User is responsible for local KYC/AML compliance.

  • SWFT provides a set of machine learning and big data mining based transfer paring algorithm engine for banks, corporate and exchange companies.

  • SWFT provides standard API usage for Floor and Over-The-Counter (OTC) trading.

  • SWFT provides standard API usage for a variety of cryptocurrencies, significantly improve cryptocurrency usage scenario.

Introduction to SwftCoin

SwftCoin based on Ethereum, is a new decentralized blockchain asset. Following ERC-20 token standard, SwftCoin has similar function with Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, which means SwftCoin will never disappear when it was sent out as token. The goal that we launched SwftCoin is to make it a new standard for service fee in the currency exchange.

SwftCoin Use Case

SwftCoin is the only service token designated for the SWFT exchange. The SwftCoin can be bought on exchanges.
Transaction fee on exchange. SwftCoin is designated to be the transaction fee for currency exchanges. We will collaborate with exchanges worldwide to achieve SwftCoin implementation.
Transaction fee of OTC Markets. SwftCoin will collaborate with OTC markets all over the world.
SwftCoin will collaborate with traditional financial institution and cross-border payments companies. We provide them with blockchain solution and use SwftCoin as fee.

Why SwftCoin

  • SwftCoin is based on a decentralized blockchain system (Ethereum), does not rely on any companies. The token will exist forever. SwftCoin does not involve transactions with fiat. In this way, SwftCoin can avoid regulatory risks.

  • SwftCoin can be the way to escrow the exchange between different cryptocurrencies. The OTC Market needs a cryptocurrency to avoid the fiat regulatory risk. The financial institutions and cross-border payment companies need a currency to escrow.
  • To exchange and get SwftCoin

    Blockchain transaction
    Each user can have his own address. People can make transactions on Ethereum blockchain. The process is transparent and irreversible.
    On Exchanges
    People can buy SwftCoin on the mainstream token exchanges, When SWFT exchange is onboard, users can directly buy SwftCoin on SWFT exchange.

    Introduction of Technology

    Exchange Process platform Framework Design